The Smallest of Things Can Have a Huge Impact!

Many in the Lord’s church feel they cannot contribute to the Lord’s work because of lack of talent or ability in the areas of evangelism, teaching, or leading; but we often fail to realize that there are numerous things we can each do to help the work. We often tend to think that unless we can do something in front of people or in a leadership position that we are confined to our pews as followers for life. We do not have to do what many consider great things to successfully serve the Lord. Some of what many consider to be minor or little things can sometimes have the greatest impact on an unbeliever or other Christian. Some of the most influential things done for me have been in the form of a card or a few loving words spoken in support from a fellow Christian. We have to stop believing that unless we do some great or public thing we are not working for the church. It is important to remember that God can take the smallest thing a Christian does for someone and make it into something greater. Let’s consider some Biblical examples to help us understand a little better.
In the sixth chapter of John we can read of the five thousand people who followed Jesus after he had performed many miracles. Jesus was concerned for their welfare because He knew the people would need food to eat. Andrew brought Jesus a young boy and said, “There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two small fish, but what are they among so many” (John 6:9). Jesus took those loaves and fish and turned them into enough food to feed the entire multitude with food to spare. Obviously Jesus had done a great thing by miraculously feeding the five thousand people, but I want us to consider what happened before He did so. Two people did what most would consider small and insignificant acts, but their actions enabled Jesus to make something greater happen. First, Andrew simply brought a boy with a small amount of food to Jesus. The amount of food the boy had was not enough to feed all the people, but at least Andrew was trying to do what he could to help. Secondly, the little boy only had five loaves and two fish, but he was willing to give what he had. Sometimes having an idea like Andrew (even if it is a small one), or giving what little you do have like the little boy, can be all it takes for God to step in like Jesus did and give the increase. The point is that we should do our absolute best with what we have, and have faith that God will build on it.
The widow with two mites is another great example of how someone may not be able to give or do as much as others, but what she could give was important to Jesus. Others may have looked upon what the widow gave and not thought much of it, but Jesus knew the significance of what she had done. The same applies to us as well. We may not be able to speak publicly, lead a song, or be a church leader; but whatever we can do should be done to the glory of the Lord.
Every Christian has the ability to do something to further the work of the church. Whether it be mowing the grass, visiting the sick, sending a card, or giving a simple word of encouragement to a fellow Christian in need; we can all do something. God does not miraculously take the small things we do today and feed thousands of people like He did with Andrew and the young boy, but He will still providentially use what each of us does to accomplish His will. The smallest or seemingly the most insignificant thing done in faith can change the world with the help of God. -Ed