Jesus Christ-The Perfect Role Model

We live in a time when good role models are hard to come by, and this is all the more reason we should teach our children the need to look at what is truly important in life. Our media crazed culture is inundated with worship and praise for celebrities, professional athletes, and pop culture icons that have increasingly made a practice of letting down those who look up to them. I’m speaking of those who have earned fame and fortune from the talents God has blessed them with only to see it squandered away on drugs, illicit sexual behavior, or corruption. Many people, especially our children, look up to these celebrities as role models and examples only to be let down when the “big scandal” breaks in the national media. There is nothing wrong with having role models, and there are many great men and women now and throughout history who serve as influential examples for our children to look up to. But, recently, it seems like the reasons some people admire a person as a role model have changed. Today’s materialistic culture measures one’s greatness on what they have or what they have done instead of who they are. I can remember in my lifetime when those who earned the title of “hero” or “role model” earned it based on their character and not the size of their bank account, the number of movies they’ve made, or how many steroid-induced home runs they have hit. Our children will always look up to certain men and women of the world, but we must remind them that it is one’s character and integrity that makes a person a good example to follow; not the material or worldly status they obtain. Regardless of who our children look up to in this world, they need to be taught the importance of making Jesus the greatest influence of their lives. Let’s examine a few reasons why Jesus is the ultimate role model, and remember why we should teach our children to look up to Him before any other.
1. Jesus lived a perfect sinless life. We will never hear a news story break about how sin or pride ruined the life of Jesus. His life stands as a monument in time to what a life of character, integrity, and compassionate influence should be. Jesus will never let us down as a role model. He was the only human who ever lived without sin (Heb. 4:15), and we should teach our children to strive to walk in His footsteps everyday of their lives.
2. Jesus showed us that greatness comes through humility and serving others. Today’s world teaches our children to get everything you can as fast as you can. Jesus lived His life in service of others. Jesus was famous, but He always gave the credit and glory for His talents, power, and ability to His Father in heaven. Jesus teaches us that we have what we have because God gave it to us, and whatever we accomplish in our life should be done to His glory. Compare that with the attitude of many of the people our children look up to today.
3. Jesus defeated the very problem that causes some of our modern day role models to fall. He defeated sin and the devil! Sin is the source of every problem mankind experiences, and Jesus defeated it by heroically giving His life on the cross (Rom. 5:6-12). No matter how great someone may become by today’s standards; they can never save themselves from sin. All men “have sinned” (Rom. 3:23), and only Jesus can save us from the damage it has done (Acts 4:12). Jesus is the greatest role model that ever lived. He is the true Hero of the soul. -Ed