Alternative Appetites

Appetite is a personal decision. It is determined by self-examination and by focusing within. A child decides what to eat by the amount of pleasure the particular food will bring. Consequently, the foods high in fat are consumed while the broccoli and cabbage remain on the plate. When the child grows to be an adult, the appetite preferences are maintained.

Appetites can be learned and maintained into adulthood in every area of human existence. What is your appetite in clothes? What is your appetite in cars? What is your appetite in reading material? Whatever your appetite, you started developing a liking for it when you were young and now nothing else seems right. One such appetite is sexual preference. Most refer to homosexuality as an, “alternative lifestyle,” but the Bible treats it like an alternative appetite. Those who prefer intimacy with members of their own gender justify their sins as being an expression of their true identity. Evidently, God made a mistake when He created them male or female.

In the beginning, God created them both male and female. He could have made a help meet suitable for Adam named Steve, but He made Eve. It was His design that a man should seek out a female for a wife. Anything else is going against the grain of how man was created. When men or women exchange the natural use of their bodies in order to burn with passion after members of their own sex, they are in danger of losing their own soul (Romans 1:24-32).

Even though God condemns homosexuality in all forms, He still lets each one of us decide for ourselves. Should we choose to develop an appetite for that which God calls perverted, we will suffer our due penalty. Just because we have free choice does not mean that all available choices are right. It is up to us to develop an appetite for what is pleasing in God’s sight.

Those who say that they are a female inside a male body would have us believe that God is a monster. He has condemned them for something they cannot change. He is sending them to hell because of a choice they did not make. He is punishing them over something that really makes no difference at all. To these I say you can change your appetite in sexual preference if you really want to. It is your choice and yours alone. You started developing a taste for this perversion long ago and now it has gotten out of hand. I would also say that it does make a difference. Our perception of heaven, the church, and our own identity are born out of a healthy home life where a man and a woman live together as God has directed. If an alternative appetite for sin is practiced in the home, the rest of life’s most important institutions are doomed.

We should develop an appetite for doing God’s will. Learn to love those things which glorify God. Hunger and thirst after righteousness (Matt 5:6). The choice is yours. You can change anytime you want an alternative appetite.                                                             — Dale Fonville